A Little About Us

Chromaplex is a web application development and bootstrapping team. Our experienced team of specialists helps new web ventures hit the ground running.

We start by working with our clients to develop their idea into a viable products, defining scope and making the tough decisions about what is MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and what is not. Once we have the features and scope defined, our architects put together a technical blueprint for the application. We make choices about which technologies, services, and frameworks will produce a streamlined app that can scale elegantly when the time comes. Then our engineering team gets to work.

Founded in San Francisco over a decade ago, our decentralized team includes key members in the Bay Area, Portland, and New York. We specialize in helping clients who don’t speak “tech,” with a particular emphasis on helping entrepreneurs and corporate executives complete projects where time-to-market is a factor.

Over more than a decade of experience, we’ve landed on some core values that factor into every decision we make. Respect, both internally and in all of our business relationships, guides our communication and actions. Client Success is the end goal of every choice we make; when you succeed, so do we. Finally, a focus on work/life balance ensures that the specters of exhaustion and burnout which plague startup culture don’t impact our projects.

Noah Stolmaker

President / Scalability Expert

Daniel Tirer

Senior Developer / Mobile Developer

    Jason Brandt

    Senior Developer / Technical Planning / Mobile Developer

      Matt Merendo

      Junior Developer / WordPress Guru

        Mohammad Forouzani

        Lead Architect

          Logan Stolmaker

          Senior Developer / User-Experience Expert / Sysadmin

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