Mark Wong

About Mark

Mark fell in love with programming while taking a BASIC programming course in junior high school. Since then he has worked on everything from embedded systems to complex multi-tenant web applications. What makes him happiest at work is developing a well-architected system that is clean, maintainable and delights the user.

Mark understands that technical skill is not the only attribute of a good developer. He strives to be an emphatic listener who considers the users’ needs, identifies pain points, and helps to solve business problems. Whether communicating with a project manager, end user or other stakeholders, he tries to anticipate the potential problems and come up with solutions.

Mark embraces the idea of being a stakeholder in every project that he works on and incorporates good judgement into his development process. When a decision needs to be made, he will always consider the project goals before implementing any solutions. If there’s any doubt, he’ll come back with a proposal for a solution that he’ll discuss with you and make sure it solves the right problem(s). In the end, making robust, useful software is what drives Mark to professional excellence.