Jason Brandt

Jason headshot standing

About Jason

As the Director of Technology, Jason oversees daily business operations while working closely on the client-side to ensure continued client success. Whether he’s managing project schedules and budgets, product scope, client needs, or developer questions, he does so with confidence and expertise that are beyond his years. He skillfully balances his detailed-oriented thinking with an eye for the bigger picture, combining practical experience with the vision and ambition that makes him a strong leader. Jason pays close attention to every stage of the development process, using a combination of team feedback and hard data to identify pain-points, improve efficiency, and simply make everyone’s life a little easier.

Jason is not only a hands-on leader, but he’s also a skilled senior developer in his own rite. His depth of experience in web and mobile development makes him a great mentor for the team, as well as an amazing resource to have when things just need to get done. In some cases, he’s acted as the project manager, client liaison and lead developer all on the same project.

As a client liaison, Jason is skilled at translating engineering speak into discernible English. Our clients appreciate his educational demeanor and careful attention to business needs throughout the project lifecycle. He constantly strives to understand the critical points of intersection between business requirements and technical architecture, and he uses that knowledge to create elegant, robust solutions.