Mark Quayle

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About Mark

Like many mid-career “tech guys”, Mark started in the field before they were old enough to hold a real job. Being involved in technology was always his main driver, but after years working in IT he realized that he was done working ON computers and wanted to start working WITH them. This started a multi-year journey to meld his technical acumen with solid business fundamentals.

Now, Mark thrives in the space between business decisions and technical feasibility. His passion is building solutions that solve business problems in elegant ways and delight users. He has done this working with internal clients at American Airlines where he was able to build and manage a full service digital agency inside the communications group. This team managed products, campaigns, and content management services for several verticals inside of the airline. This experience led him to the agency world where he honed his digital strategy and team development skills with projects for global brands like HP, Walmart, and PayPal.

Mark has the experience and ability to dig in and understand the business needs of a project and build that into an implementation plan and roadmap based on a blend modern techniques and industry best practices. His passion for client success ensures that projects are held to the highest standards.