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The Goal

In an interesting twist, this client came to us with a fully built out frontend for an application, but needed us to build out a backend and implement all of the functionality. The core idea revolved around using personality matching to help find candidates who would be a good fit for your team (and vice versa!). With the interface already designed and built, we got to focus on the nitty gritty of implementing their impressive feature list, including a custom matching algorithm, built in candidate tracking for employers, and a video interview system.


The Solution

As a startup, our focus for Hirenetics was on scalability and speed of iteration. The sooner we had an MVP ready for candidates and employers to start playing with, the sooner we could start getting user feedback and iterating towards a truly exciting product.

With Hirenetics’ business strategy hinging on rapid growth, we knew we’d also have to be ready to scale at a moments notice. This gave us the opportunity to solve some interesting problems with processing large intersecting data sets. As the number of jobs and candidates scaled up, we needed to be able to keep everything running smoothly, especially during the critical match calculation phase.

We also needed to support some unique features, like allowing candidates to record video interviews (viewable in-app by employers) either in their browser with a webcam or on their phone or tablet. After playing with a few different video services, we ended up settling on CameraTag, which supported most of what we needed out of the box. In many cases it ends up being cheaper to buy a service like CameraTag compared to building our own, so we’re always on the lookout to save that time where we can.

Since we were building an MVP, we wanted as much “out of the box” functionality as we could get, so we decided to build Hirenetics on the Laravel framework. With its robust package ecosystem and impressive base feature list, Laravel is our go-to when rapid iteration is key. We’d rather spend our time perfecting the core business features of the app than writing a user authentication for the 30th time.

Even though this was an MVP, stability is always key and we wanted to ensure we had solid test coverage for the core business operations, especially the matching algorithm. To that end, we decided to employ thorough Unit and Integration Testing using PhpUnit. As we continued to iterate, the tests assured us that our existing code would still function properly, and that new features could be implemented confidently.

Hirenetics was an awesome project that presented us with some unique challenges. Our team had a great time talking shop with the founders, planning business goals together, and working to make the app in their heads into a reality. Iteration is ongoing and we’re still working with Hirenetics to help them develop the best product they can, so stay tuned!