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The Goal

A startup came to us with an idea for a phone app which allows users to listen to their own custom music whenever they’re placed on hold.

The Solution

We were faced with the novel challenge of integrating a full-fledged music player with a softphone solution, making MusicRogue the first app of its kind. We custom-built the music player on top of a high-end audio library designed for DJs, and combined this with a VOIP solution which we architected on both the server side and the client side. This allowed us to mix custom music right into the app, and leverage the device’s music library along with third-party streaming services like Spotify.

Our scalable cloud-based VOIP service routes calls to 800-numbers via a 3rd party telephony provider, giving us industry-leading audio quality and uptime without having to sink costs into building the entire telephony ecosystem ourselves. All this amounts to a seamless end-user experience. You can check out the app on the iTunes store, or click here: