People's Choice Fundraising

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The Goal

A non-profit community fundraising organization approached us with the opportunity to digitize their entire fundraising system and increase donor outreach. Our job was to build a user-friendly web application that could be used by fundraising organizations, businesses, and donors alike. We were also called on to provide insight and strategic guidance for helping the client transition their business model into the digital realm.

The Solution

Starting off with a completely blank slate, we held a series of in-depth stakeholder interviews in order to gain a clear understanding of the client’s current organization, user base, and vision. We then took what we gleaned from our interviews and used interactive wireframing to prototype the entire project workflow. This gave us all a concrete frame of reference for planning the project and allowed us to preview the application interactively without risking too much up-front investment. Through our discussions and collaborative enhancements to the wireframes, we uncovered valuable information related to scope, priorities, and organization goals.

We then began development, building features iteratively and releasing every two weeks. Our main area of focus for the initial release was on one of the primary pieces of project value, the coupon system. Coupons are rewarded to donors and are redeemable at a wide assortment of local businesses in the donor’s area. For this purpose, we created a custom eCommerce-like system for browsing coupons, managing the coupon cart, checking out, and receiving coupons digitally via email. Then, in order to encourage community engagement, we developed a simple-to-use backend for businesses to register on the site and create new coupons. Finally, we provided fundraising organizations with the tools they needed to start new fundraising initiatives and track their progress.

Alongside development, we acted as business and strategic advisors throughout the project, and we guided many key decisions related to product scope, feature prioritization, and user experience. We educated the client on development process and industry best practices and applied this education in order to clarify objectives and solve project pain-points.