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The Goal

Jacquard Products makes, among other things, a high-end dye called SolarFast which is specially formulated to artists to affix custom graphics onto t-shirts and other textiles, using only sunlight. Jacquard wanted to give their customers a way to preview how it would look. Users need to be able to pick an image from their phone, and virtually stick it to the shirt or textile in augmented reality. They also needed to see it in monochrome with their chosen dye color, and tap to move/resize all in 3D and real-time–right in front of their eyes!

The Solution

To provide Jacquard with the perfect solution, we chose to develop an Augmented Reality (AR) app. Through this technology, clients can hold up their phone to a shirt in real life and see how the shirt would look with their chosen design printed on it. For online customers, they can test various colors and sizes right from the comfort of their own home; brick-and-mortar customers can use their own phone with any of the in-store t-shirts to test out their designs.

The app interface gives the customers complete control over the design. They can upload various images, change colors through the various Jacquard filters, and adjust the contrast and brightness. Once the image is projected onto the shirt, the customers can use a light touch to move the image, a pinch in or out to resize it, or a two-tip touch to rotate it. All of these changes happen seamlessly in the augmented reality created by the app.

Using Apple’s surface detection in ARKit, we improved flat-surface accuracy by leveraging a combination of computer vision neural network models, and iPhone depth sensors (when available). By leveraging Augmented Reality we are able to help the customer to truly see what the finished product will look like.