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The Goal

If you find yourself repeatedly hitting snooze and oversleeping, Squeeze was made with you in mind. The concept is simple: when your alarm goes off, squeeze down your iPhone’s volume button to snooze; release to un-snooze. Since the alarm will go off as soon as your hand goes limp, you won’t be able to drift back to sleep. This allows you to wake up more slowly and comfortably without risking oversleeping.

“Because springing up out of bed immediately is an unpleasant and jarring way to wake up. If you hit snooze you know you’re just going to fall back asleep, and then waking up ten minutes later you’re no more rested, but you are running ten minutes late!”

The Solution

We built this working prototype as an iOS app to give it the largest possible test audience. The immediate goal was to determine if the experience would be superior to old-fashioned snooze buttons. Since the user experience is key to it’s success, the app needed to be a very polished feeling prototype with top-notch UX. Designing an app specifically for users who are still half-asleep was a unique and fun challenge. User testing is ongoing, and a future version may even use pressure sensors in the screen instead of the volume rocker.

Available for free in the App Store.