UCSF Brain and Spinal Injury Center

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The Goal

UCSF’s Brain and Spinal Injury department needed to revamp their site. They were a special case because the site not only serves as a resource to patients and their families, but also as an information repository for their laboratory scientists and providers. They needed a solution that gave them a secure and protected resource library with patient care guides for their staff to access, as well as user-facing pages which provide information to patients and their families. Most importantly, all of the content needed to be managed by Doctors, Scientists, Researchers and Assistants, so the solution had to be easy to use and intuitive to people with a scientific background.

The Solution

We architected and built a custom Content Management System, based on our in-house Chromaplex Content Management System with a customized easy-to-use back-end interface designed specifically for UCSF. The interface gave their staff a centralized dashboard, allowing them to update internal resources for their care providers as well as externally facing pages for their patients and their families. We collaborated with a design agency who designed a completely new front-end look for the site’s visitors. We brought those designs to life and integrated them with the new custom back-end CMS.